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Public Consultation RSPO Complaints and Appeals Procedure

The Integrated Complaints System is designed as one of the key recommendations from the Complaints System Review undertaken by Natural Justice and Borneo Conservancy Initiative in December 2014 which aims to improve the governance and decision-making procedures, as well as transparency and accessibility, of the RSPO Complaints System.

The first draft of the Integrated Complaints System document was developed by Ridge to Reef and Independent Appeals Mechanism was developed by Accreditation Services International (ASI). Both the documents were released and published for comments for the first time during September - October 2015. Based on the feedback received from the first Public Consultation, ASI continued to develop both documents and have it published on RSPO Website for the second time during March to June 2016.

These public consultations were conducted to invite all stakeholders to review the draft procedures and share their approaches, practical experiences, and recommendations to the documents with regards to the procedures. The specific objectives for the public consultation were:

  • To present the revised draft to stakeholders, and
  • To seek constructive feedback to improve the document

Taking into consideration the inputs and comments from stakeholders during the second public consultation the final draft of the “RSPO Complaints and Appeals procedure – final draft” is now open for final round of comments starting from 1st November until including 1st December 2016 (30 days). The document, as well as the comments form can be downloaded below.

Kindly submit your feedback using the attached comments form by 1st December 2016 at the latest to impactsidn@rspo.org. Only comments submitted using the template below will be accepted.