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Public Consultation on RSPO Standard Operating Procedure for Standards Setting and Review

The RSPO has developed a draft Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Standard Setting document to reflect and summarise the well-established good practices in the organisation for standard developments and revisions. 

The RSPO SOP for Standards Setting and Review (Draft v3  August 2016) sets out the procedures that shall be followed by those involved in RSPO standard development activities, including RSPO National Interpretations of the RSPO P&C. 

The public consultation period lasts 60 days, from the 12th of August 2016 until including 10th of October 2016. Please send your comments template before or on 10th October 2016 torspostandardsettingsop@gmail.com.

Guidance on providing comments:

  • RSPO SOP for Standards Setting and Review (Draft v3  August 2016) – Please refer to this document when providing comments.
  • Template structure: For each section of the report, the comments templates allows you to provide: (1) General comments –     overall comments about the section in terms of structure, content, etc.; and (2) Specific comments – more detailed and technical comments related to specific sub-sections. 

Please follow the template structure when providing comments – as it is important to attribute the comments to specific sections and sub-sections.