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Open seats in Shared Responsibility Working Group (SRWG)

Shared Responsibility is the set of requirements that RSPO Ordinary, non-grower members must adhere to in order to achieve RSPO’s vision to transform markets to make sustainable palm oil the norm. The role of the Shared Responsibility Working Group (SRWG) is to support the RSPO Secretariat in the development of procedural and guidance documents, identify barriers and issues, monitor activities and outputs, and propose projection-based percentages for the uptake of certified volumes.

The SRWG intends to meet twice per quarter and must consist of at least two members of each membership category. Currently, there is an open alternate seat available for a Retailer, Bank & Investor, and a Smallholder Grower. Together with the substantive seat member(s), they will represent their membership categories and provide input for the development of Shared Responsibility materials and oversee the implementation of Shared Responsibility. Input from all membership categories is crucial to ensure an effective and practical implementation of the Shared Responsibility requirements and drive positive change in the supply chain.

If you are interested in working with other members and the RSPO Secretariat to drive collective action through Shared Responsibility, please refer to the Terms of Reference and get in touch with sharedresponsibility@rspo.org for more information.