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Endorsement of RSPO Independent Smallholder Standard Indonesia National Interpretation 2022

The RSPO Independent Smallholder (ISH) Standard Indonesia National Interpretation (NI) 2022 was endorsed by the Board of Governors (BoG) on 14 February 2022. The RSPO ISH Standard Indonesia NI 2022 will be used for the certification of Independent Smallholders in Indonesia.

The RSPO (ISH) Standard  Indonesia NI 2022 has been developed by the Indonesia National Interpretation Task Force with balanced representation from all stakeholder groups. Numerous physical and virtual meetings were held prior to finalising the document, in compliance with international best practices. Public consultations have also been held to create awareness and gather feedback and comments on the NI documents.

The Indonesia NI document, available in both English and Bahasa Indonesia, is effective immediately and is available for download. All Certification Bodies and members are required to use the document for all audits conducted after the release of this announcement.

With the endorsement of RSPO ISH Standard Indonesia NI, the definition of smallholders for Indonesia is as follows:

  • They are NOT a scheme smallholder.
  • The threshold land size of Independent Smallholders in Indonesia is 20 ha. This threshold refers to the cumulative agricultural land of legal ownership by individuals and/or a nuclear family that is stipulated under the Indonesian Government Regulation (PerPPU) No. 56/1960 regarding the threshold Determination of Agricultural Land and Minister Agrarian Regulation (PerMen) No. 18 Year 2016.
  • The maximum threshold of land area for oil palm will be further limited for Independent Smallholders who also utilise their land to cultivate other crops in addition to oil palm as PerPPU No 56/1960 stipulates that legal ownership by an individual and or a nuclear family on the cumulative threshold for oil palm and other crops combined should not exceed 20 ha.

With this announcement, the definition of smallholder in the RSPO P&C Indonesia NI 2019 will also be changed accordingly and will apply the same definition as stated above.

For further information or clarification, please contact standard.development@rspo.org.