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Date Of Full Implementation of Contingency RSPO Audit Procedure (Version 2)

The RSPO Secretariat recently published an announcement regarding the approval of the updated Contingency RSPO Audit Procedure (Version 2) by the Assurance Standing Committee on 22 Oct 2021. 

As stated in the announcement, the Certification Bodies (CBs) and RSPO members were given the option to use either Version 1 (dated 25 Aug 2020) or Version 2 (dated 22 Oct 2021) from 23 Oct 2021 onwards, until further announcement by the RSPO Secretariat.

This is to inform all that the Contingency RSPO Audit procedure (Version 2) will come into full effect starting 11 April 2022 for the CB and RSPO members that are planning to conduct an audit during a force majeure. From that date, Version 1 will no longer be applicable for use by the CBs and RSPO members.

The RSPO Secretariat will manage the transition to this revised version of the RSPO audit procedure, particularly in communicating its application to members and stakeholders as well as ensuring its consistent interpretation and implementation by the certification bodies.

For any further information/clarification, kindly contact certification@rspo.org