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Applicability of the Simplified High Conservation Value (HCV) Tool for Smallholders in Compliance with RSPO’s New Planting Procedure (NPP) 2021

The RSPO New Planting Procedure (2021) is applicable to any proposed new development by smallholder groups pursuing the RSPO Principles and Criteria certification.

In order to facilitate the compliance of the relevant assessments to NPP 2021, smallholder groups may use the RSPO Simplified HCV approach as part of the process to identify the low risk and risk areas. Once the level of risk has been identified, the smallholder groups will be able to identify the relevant requirements of the NPP 2021 that are applicable to their scenario.

The current RSPO Simplified HCV approach documentation and the HCV mobile app refer to the scope of Independent Smallholders, as these tools were initially developed for Independent Smallholders. The guidance document and HCV mobile app are currently being updated to reflect applicability for the scope of wider smallholder groups, and to align with the requirements of the RSPO NPP 2021.

With this announcement, the RSPO would like to communicate that the RSPO Simplified HCV approach and the associated HCV mobile app[1] can be used by smallholder groups with immediate effect[2]

For more information, please contact smallholder@rspo.org

[1] Mobile app i.e. RSPO HCV available on Google Play Store for Android platform

[2] The HCV probability maps available are currently for these countries: Colombia, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Honduras, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sierra Leone, Thailand and Mexico. While new maps are being developed, the countries not covered by current maps will need to commission integrated HCV-HCSA assessment led by HCVN ALS licensed assessor