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Annual Communication On Progress (ACOP) reporting opens 17 March 2017 - closes 19 May 2017

This is a gentle reminder that the deadline for submission will be 19 May 2017. You may access the online reporting form at the MyRSPO portal - http://www.rspo.org.

As per the RSPO Code of Conduct, the ACOP 2016 report submission is only mandatory for Ordinary Members and Affiliate Members who have been members of RSPO for at least one year as of March 2017. 

​Kindly ensure that the Time Bound Plan (TBP) section of your ACOP report has been completed, as your submission will otherwise be considered incomplete.

The names of companies/organisations who fail to submit their ACOP 2016 report will be published on the RSPO website.

Should you have any enquiries ​regarding ACOP, please send an email to acop@rspo.org.​