Coinciding with the Lunar New Year of the Dragon, prominent Chinese company Mengniu Dairy has become the latest RSPO Member, bolstering growth of China’s membership. 

As a dairy company with global influence, Mengniu has upheld sustainable development as a key focus, aiming to improve its ESG governance and internal management in response to expectations of its investors and stakeholders. Under the guidance of the five-year strategy of “Creating A New Mengniu by 2025”, Mengniu has upgraded its sustainable development system and has formulated the “GREEN Sustainable Development Strategy”, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Moreover, Mengniu has been participating in China’s dual carbon strategy, and making continuous efforts in ecological protection and carbon reduction. During the Annual Meeting of the New Champions (the Summer Davos), Mengniu aims to achieve zero deforestation by 2030, and to work with its global suppliers to eliminate the risk of deforestation in the production of palm oil, soybeans, and packaging materials. 

The Production Base of Mengniu Dairy in Horinger County of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

According to Mengniu Dairy, RSPO has been promoting the development and use of sustainable palm oil through supply chain cooperation and dialogue among stakeholder groups, which is in line with Mengniu’s commitment to sustainability through the elimination of deforestation risks in its supply chain. Therefore, Mengniu looks forward to more in-depth exchanges and cooperation with RSPO in the future, not only in leading the promotion of sustainable palm oil procurement in China, but also in the coordinated development of global ecology within the dairy industry. 

Joining the RSPO can provide Mengniu with international capacities  in sustainable development actions, support Mengniu to reach its “zero deforestation” goal by 2030 at the procurement end, and build a responsible supply chain to curb deforestation and reduce carbon emissions through forest carbon sinks that protect biodiversity and  contribute to a more sustainable industrial ecosystem.

Yashili ranch in New Zealand

Yashili ranch in New Zealand

Chinese membership in RSPO

As of 31 December 2023, the number of RSPO members in China reached 359, of which 269 are supply chain associates, 86 are Ordinary members, and four are Affiliate members. 

According to the RSPO Impact Update 2023, the annual consumption of certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) in the Chinese market in 2022 reached nearly 500,000 tonnes, accounting for 8.2% of the total palm oil consumption that year, marking positive progress in market awareness and corporate sustainable practices.

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