On 17 January, 2011, the RSPO welcomed a new Secretary General in Darrel Webber, a familiar face at the Roundtable.
Previously, Mr Webber has been Senior Associate of Global Sustainability Associates, a role in which he advised companies and organizations on sustainable agricultural development (including oil palm). Prior to that, he was Senior Manager Palm Oil Sector Engagement at WWF-International and regional manager for companies such as Permanis Sandilands Sdn. Bhd. and Shell Malaysia Ltd.. From 2007 until 2009, Mr Webber represented WWF-International in the RSPO's Executive Board.
“My background with palm growers, manufacturing companies and NGOs will help me in finding the right balance,” Webber said. “I learned a great deal at WWF, and my private sector experience helped me reach an even fuller understanding of sustainability issues. I appreciate the challenges many companies face while they are trying to meet RSPO standards.”
The new Secretary General is hopeful that the RSPO will be able to transform linear growth into exponential growth in the coming years. “Together, we will have to expand our outreach to China, India and the United States,” he said, adding: “In those regions we are still at the beginning, but I think the outlook is good.”

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