Endorsed by the RSPO Standard Standing Committee (SSC) on 8 July 2021

Following the conventional certification approach, where the focus is on the mill and its supply base, RSPO had begun the journey to upscale its impact and approach onto a Jurisdictional level in 2015. This approach is referred to as the Jurisdictional Approach to Certification (JA).

Due to the scale and complexity of this approach, the proposed system shall be credible and robust enough to enable the whole jurisdiction to comply with RSPO standards. The journey of developing the RSPO Jurisdictional Approach was driven by the RSPO Jurisdictional Working Group (JWG) which was established in May 2018.

The RSPO Jurisdictional Approach Pilot Framework is now endorsed by the SSC and is available for use by interested parties. This Piloting Framework offers guidance and a framework for developing Jurisdictional Approaches to the certification of sustainable palm oil, which will follow the RSPO Standards (Principles & Criteria 2018, Independent Smallholder Standard, etc.) and sets a stepwise approach that is coherent across all regions.

Earlier versions of this document have been the subject of global consultation for feedback on two occasions, 24 June to 23 August 2019 and 28 February 2020 to 1 May 2020, and have built on the lessons from Jurisdictional Approach pilot projects in different parts of the world (https://rspo.org/about/supporting-bodies#jurisdictional-working-group).

Building on the endorsed pilot framework, jurisdictional certification can only be achieved if a number of new RSPO institutional arrangements and guidelines are developed to accommodate this new approach. Other non-RSPO factors, such as High Conservation Value (HCV) assessments, will also need to be adjusted to jurisdictional/landscape approaches.

The RSPO JWG continues to provide support for the development of identified gaps within RSPO system arrangements and implementation guidelines.

Webinars: Overview of the RSPO Jurisdictional Approach

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01 October 2021

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04 October 2021

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The RSPO Jurisdictional Approach Piloting Framework document can be downloaded in the link below:

RSPO Jurisdictional Approach Piloting Framework

More information about JWG can be found below:

RSPO Jurisdictional Working Group (JWG)

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