The RSPO would like to announce that the Interpretation of Indicator 7.12.2 and Annex 5 for the RSPO Principles and Criteria 2018 is now available for download here.

In the RSPO’s commitment to halting deforestation, this document was developed by the ‘No Deforestation Task Force’ (NDTF), with the aim to provide clarity and guidance for the interpretation of Indicator 7.12.2 of the RSPO Principles and Criteria (P&C) 2018, whereby any new land clearing after 15 November 2018 must be preceded by an HCV-HCSA assessment, and Annex 5: Transition from HCV to HCV-HCSA assessment, which shows how the new requirements apply within the different scenarios of existing and new certification, and with/without new land clearing.

While it would be ideal for companies to undertake the integrated HCV-HCSA assessment on their management unit to comply with the requirements of the RSPO P&C 2018, we recognise  that RSPO members may be at various stages of compliance with the new P&C. Therefore, Annex 5 may be used for compliance to meet certification requirements.

: With this announcement, all RSPO members are required to register cases of new land clearing (refer to clause 3.4 in the interpretation document) that falls within the situations outlined below. Please ensure the relevant documentation required is submitted within 60-days1 from the date of this announcement:

  1. ALS HCV Assessments that were ongoing before 15 November 2018, which are yet to be completed.
  2. Completed ALS-HCV assessments (started before 15 November 2018) not yet submitted to ALS for Quality review by 15 November 2018
  3. Areas with an approved NPP (pre-ALS) and planning for land clearing after 15 November 2018

To register cases of new land clearing, please click here.  Kindly note that failure to register and submit the relevant documentation within the stipulated 60-days from the date of this announcement, will require a new HCV-HCSA assessment to be conducted.

New land clearing that does not fall within the above scenarios, or those outlined in the interpretation document shall follow the requirements of 7.12.2 (b), and the New Planting Procedure (including its subsequent revisions).


1 Referring to working days

For enquiries, please write to the RSPO Secretariat at [email protected]

Guide on HCSA Requirements for the RSPO

Factsheet on Interpretation of Indicator 7.12.2 and Annex 5

RSPO Interpretation of Indicator 7.12.2 and Annex 5

Appendix 1 LU Risk Identification Template

Appendix 2 RSPO HCV Assessment Review Checklist

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