Children are affected by the palm oil industry in many different ways – as dependents of workers, members of oil palm growing communities and sometimes workers themselves. While child labour remains a critical concern, there are many other ways in which the lives of children are affected in the palm oil sector.

In November 2018, RSPO adopted a revised certification standard for the production of sustainable palm oil (‘Principles & Criteria). The new standard contains a number of important improvements regarding the protection of children. Among other requirements, the new P&C mandate RSPO members to adopt a formal child protection policy, implement monitoring processes and train staff to ensure children in plantations are safe from harm and any form of exploitation. The P&C also contain stricter requirements for the handling of pesticides to prevent harm they may cause to workers, communities and children.

Building on these new requirements, the RSPO Secretariat is seeking to develop practical guidance for companies to improve business policy and practice for children, working parents and surrounding communities.

In line with this, the RSPO is pleased to announce a call for applications from consultants to develop a Guidance on Child Rights for Oil Palm Companies. The criteria for this project has been set out in the Terms of Reference (“ToR”) which is attached with this announcement.

Interested applicants are advised to read and consider the ToR and to submit their expression of interest together with their profile, relevant expertise and proposed methodology on how they intend to take on this project one month from the date of this announcement. Applicants may submit their expression of interest to Kamini Visvananthan at [email protected] by 4th of April 2019.

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