How will RSPO Credits be traded?

RSPO Credits can be traded via an online marketplace anonymously. Once the trade is matched, both the buyer and seller will know who they traded with. Off Market Deals (OMD) can still be made and once the deal is finalised, it can be reported via the online platform. All payments will go through the service provider, UTZ.


I want to sell RSPO Credits from January 2017. What should i do to prepare myself?

If you are an RSPO-certified mill, palm kernel crusher or an independent smallholder group planning to sell RSPO Credits from January 2017 via the Book and Claim model, you need to request access to sell RSPO Credits. To get access to sell RSPO Credits, please download the registration form available on the RSPO eTrace website starting October 3rd, fill in the required information and send it to the email address mentioned in the form.

I want to buy RSPO Credits from January 2017. What should I do to prepare myself?

  • If you are not a member of RSPO, you will first need to become a member by applying on the RSPO website
  • If you are a subsidiary of a company that is already an RSPO member, please register your organisation as a subsidiary under your parent company's RSPO membership by requesting your parent company to inform in writing or by email to RSPO's head of certification Jan Van Driel, and providing relevant documentation e.g. audited consolidated annual report.
  • Request for authorisation to purchase RSPO Credits by digitally filling in the form that will be available on the RSPO eTrace website from October 3, 2016, and sending it to the email address mentioned in the form. The forms also contain information you need to set up UTZ as a supplier in your financial system to pay the invoices for the purchase of RSPO Credits.

Will RSPO Credits carry a different claim and logo?

Yes, RSPO Credits will carry a different logo. The rules on market communications and claims for RSPO Credits have been developed and are available on the RSPO website for public consultation until October 12, 2016.

The new rules will become effective after public consultation and approval by RSPO’s Board of Governors in November 2016. Please note that there will be a transition period of 1 year for changing the GreenPalm logo used on pack to the RSPO Credits label. This extended period is to allow for products which are already packed and have a shelf life beyond 1st January 2017, and for already purchased packaging materials. From 2018, on pack claims for the purchase of RSPO Credits cannot carry the GreenPalm logo and have to use the RSPO Credit label.

When can I receive a training?

We are organising a face-to-face training on November 7 and 8 2016 during the 2016 roundtable (RT14) in Bangkok. Please refer to the latest announcements on the RSPO website to register for this training session. In addition, we will organise a series of webinars in the coming months and the schedule will be announced shortly.

RSPO will share more updates on this transition every month. For more information on this topic, buyers of Credits can contact us here and sellers can write to Jan Van Driel.

We look forward to your support and cooperation towards a successful implementation of the new RSPO Credits trading platform.


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