Date: 11 November 2013
Event Type:

The RSPO Smallholder Working Group will be organising the Smallholders Linking & Learning Workshop, an interactive platform for smallholders to exchange best practices, common issues, challenges and practical solutions to issues faced by smallholders.  

The workshop will be held on 11th November 2013 at Santika Premier Dyandra Hotel & Convention, Medan, Indonesia. 

There is no registration fee, but seats are on a first come first serve basis and subject to room capacity. The workshop will be conducted in English. English to Bahasa Indonesia translation (and vice versa) will be provided. 

Workshop Agenda

Time Agenda Key person
8:30 Registration  
9:00am Welcome and Planning SHWG Co-Leaders
9:30am Panelist Discussion I:

  1.  Asosiasi Petani Swadaya AMANAH – the first RSPO certified Independent Smallholders group for Indonesia, by Sunarno
  2. Wild Asia Group Scheme (WAGS – MPOB SPOC Beluran) – the first RSPO certified Independent Smallholders group for Malaysia, by Sheila Senathirajah
  3. Certified FFB Trading & Annual Surveillance Audit – Thai Smallholder Groups, by Thitinai Pongpiriyakit
  4. Lesson Learnt and Challenges of auditing Independent Smallholders, by Senniah Appalasamy

~ Discussion/ Q&A

Moderator: TBC
11:00am Coffee break   
11:30am  Panelist Discussion II:

  1.  SPKS as a smallholders organization in Indonesia, by Darto Mansuetus Alsy Hanu
  2. Keresa Plantation Smallholders: associated, schemed or independent? By Abdul Aziz bin Zainal Abidin
  3. Associate Smallholders in PNG and Solomon Islands, by Ian Orell 
  4. Understanding the Smallholders context in Latin America, by Dawn Robinson

~ Discussion/ Q&A

Moderator: Marieke Leegwater
13:00pm Lunch break  
14:00pm Panelist Discussion III:

  1.  RSPO Smallholders Support Fund (RSSF), by TBC
  2. RSPO Simplified HCV Tool for Smallholders, by Adam Keatts
  3. SHARP –models on oilpalm smallholders development, by Veronique Bovee

~ Discussion/ Q&A

Moderator: Petra Meekers
15:30pm Coffee break   
16:00pm Smallholders’ Document Review  Dr. Balamurugan 
17:00pm RT Orientation for Smallholders BR2C Facilitator
17:30pm Workshop adjourned  


Note: This program is subject to change before the workshop

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