Date: 25 May 2021
Location: Online Webinar
Event Type: Principles & Criteria

Animal feed producers and traders, meat and dairy producers, as well as retailers have the opportunity to create change by asking their suppliers whether the feed, feed additives or milk replacements are sourced sustainably, and if not, how they plan to address this. 

By choosing to source RSPO certified material, companies show that they are taking concrete actions to benefit people and the planet. However, as the animal feed sector is not as consumer facing, stimulating uptake remains a challenge. 

With the aim of engaging with current RSPO members and other stakeholders of these sectors to provide further information and showcase best practices and newly available resources, RSPO is pleased to announce the following webinars taking place on 25 May 2021:

Session 1 – REGISTER NOW

Time: 9:00 am – 10:00 am (CET)  – moderated by Inke Van Der Sluijs, Global Director, Market Transformation, RSPO


  • Jagjit Singh, Head, Sime Darby Oils Carey Island Kernel Crushing Plant – Sime Darby

With over 18 years of experience in the manufacturing environment and over 12 years in the palm oil industry, Jagjit  is currently heading the Sime Darby Oils Carey Island Kernel Crushing Plant whereby the site operates 100% on sustainable palm kernel input. ​

  • Henk Flipsen, Director – The Netherlands Feed Industry Association (NEVEDI)

In 2007, Henk started to work for the Dutch Feed Industry Association (Nevedi). Nevedi protects the interests of the Dutch feed industry, including manufacturers of compound feed, premixes and additives, milk replacers, moist co-products etc. Nevedi represents 96% of the feed production for the Dutch market.

Session 2 – REGISTER NOW

Time: 4:00 pm- 5:00 pm (CET) – moderated by Inke Van Der Sluijs, Global Director, Market Transformation, RSPO


  • Judith Murdoch, Retained Associate – Efeca

Judith is an independent palm oil specialist, specialising in the food industry for more than 30 years and more recently researching the use of palm oil in the feed sector. Judith works regularly as part of Efeca clients’ teams providing strategic expertise and technical support. She is a lead advisor for the UK Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative (SPOI).

  • Dr. Richard Kirkland, Global Technical Manager – Volac Wilmar Feed Ingredients

Dr Richard Kirkland specialises in how fatty acids can improve the performance of lactating dairy cows. He has travelled extensively and gathered experience in different dairy production systems in highly contrasting environments – from the mountains of Chile to the heat of Dubai – and uses the latest research data to provide practical nutritional advice for dairy farmers. 

  • Barry Baetz, Director of Sales – Feed Division – Global Agri-Trade Corporation

Barry joined Global Agri-Trade Corporation as Animal Feed Sales Manager for the Eastern US and National Accounts. Since then, he has focused on expanding the sales efforts of Palmit 80 and Nurisol Dry Fats. His training and experience in dairy nutrition also allows him to provide technical service to customers on a national basis.

Interested participants are encouraged to register for both webinars as the content will be different. Webinars will be recorded and distributed to those who registered. 

For Session 2, a simultaneous translation from English to Spanish will be provided to support the participation of Latin American RSPO members. 

For further information please contact [email protected]

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