Date: 28 January 2019
Location: Malaysia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Colombia, Thailand, Honduras, Guatemala, Nigeria
Event Type:

Following the recent adoption of the RSPO Principles and Criteria (P&C), the RSPO Secretariat will be hosting a series of roadshow events for existing and potential RSPO oil palm grower members, to help educate and support them on the key changes of the P&C 2018, as well as its implementation. Please see the below and stay tuned for more events in your market.

RSPO P&C Roadshow Dates:

  1. P&C Roadshow – Kuala Lumpur: 29 & 30 January 2019 @ Holiday Villa Subang

  2. P&C Roadshow – Ecuador: 28 February 2019

  3. P&C Roadshow – Jakarta: 11 & 12 February 2019

  4. P&C Roadshow – Sandakan: 11 & 12 February 2019 @ Livingston Hotel Sandakan

  5. P&C Roadshow – Colombia: 14 February 2019

  6. P&C Roadshow – Bintulu: 14 February 2019 @ GoldenBay Hotel Bintulu

  7. P&C Roadshow – Medan: 15 February 2019 @ The Grand Aston City Hall Medan Hotel

  8. P&C Roadshow – Palangkaraya: 19 & 20 February 2019 @ Swiss-Belhotel Danum Palangkaraya Hotel

  9. P&C Roadshow – Kluang: 25 & 26 February 2019 @ Hotel Anika Kluang

  10. P&C Roadshow – Krabi: TBC

  11. P&C Roadshow – Honduras: 11 March 2019

  12. P&C Mini Roadshow & NI Kickoff event – Liberia: 12 March 2019

  13. P&C Roadshow – Guatemala: 13 March 2019

  14. P&C Mini Roadshow & NI Kickoff event – Sierra Leone: 14 March 2019

  15. P&C Mini Roadshow – Madagascar: 8 May 2019

  16. Africa P&C Roadshow – Nigeria: 21 August 2019

*Please note: Workshop venue locations will be updated and dates may be subject to change*


Seats are limited to for each event and you are required to register for the event in advance. To reserve your place for the roadshow event, please email [email protected] 

Our team is working to schedule more events, so please check the events section of often for new events.

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