There is still time to achieve your CSPO targets and meet the Annual Communication of Progress (ACOP) commitments with RSPO Credits. RSPO Credits are a fast and cost-effective way to top-up, and crucially support sustainable palm oil production!

How do RSPO Credits work?
One RSPO credit is equal to one metric tonne of palm or kernel oil that was produced and certified as sustainable according to the RSPO Principles and Criteria. When consumer goods manufacturers and retailers purchase RSPO Credits, they compensate for the volume of conventional oil palm products actually used in their products. 

Only RSPO-certified independent smallholders, mills and palm kernel crushers are permitted to sell RSPO credits; in supporting the RSPO Credits system, buyers can thereby directly incentivise and encourage sellers to produce oil palm sustainably. Watch this short video to learn more.

How can RSPO Credits help you meet CSPO targets?
RSPO’s Data Scientist, Yen Hun Sung, who heads up the ACOP reporting submission process and analysis said, “There is still time before the ACOP submissions are due, so purchasing RSPO Credits is a practical solution that can help members meet their sustainability targets while supporting the production of sustainable palm oil. We have already seen an encouraging uptick in the rate of submissions thus far and we are looking forward to parsing and analysing the data to be able to meet the needs and challenges of our members,” he said.

Yen Hun Sung thanked members who have already submitted their ACOP and encouraged those who had not yet done so to complete their submissions before the deadline of Friday, 17 May 2019. 

“The ACOP team aims to respond to queries within 24 hours to assist members through the submission process. ACOP has been perhaps underutilised as a tool for the RSPO and we are working to improve on this by making use of the full spectrum of data provided by members to illustrate the state of the RSPO today,” he said.

How and when to submit ACOP reports
The Annual Communication of Progress (ACOP) report is a mandatory requirement for all Ordinary and Affiliate members of RSPO. Supply Chain Associates are strongly encouraged to submit their report. Those members who are yet to start their ACOP report are kindly reminded that submissions must be made via the MyRSPO members portal.

For any queries regarding your ACOP submission, please contact [email protected] or read the ACOP Guidelines Document here. For more information on RSPO Credits, please visit 

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