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The latest statement from the RSPO Executive Board (here) conveys the multi stakeholder’s aspirations that the Principles & Criteria (P&C) that was implemented on the ground in the last 5 years has now been revised; and positively bolsters the relevance and competence of the international standard in promoting sustainable palm oil for the next 5 years. The enhancements in the revised RSPO standard encapsulate additional criterion on GHG emissions; pesticides; peat planting; forced labour; human rights and corruption.

As an international scheme for a global commodity – the RSPO views its evolutionary approach in enhancing its standard every 5 years as critical for significant impact in the global market place in enabling sustainable palm oil practices to become mainstream over time in addressing wide spread issues such as deforestation; social issues, land conflicts; wild life destruction, amongst others.

As a multi-stakeholder initiative – compromise is pursued by the various interests groups within the RSPO represented along the palm oil chain of custody. Every sector has had the opportunity to express their priorities during the review sessions over the year long process; and may respond to the final outcome as they deem appropriate in further advocating the cause of sustainable palm oil.

The WWF initiative is purposed at getting progressive companies, who have already significantly committed to the RSPO vision to drive their leadership in sustainability to the next level. The initiative is referenced against the RSPO and requires member companies within the organization to further demonstrate their disclosure through its existing systems, processes and reporting requirements. This will be discussed by the RSPO through its multi stakeholder process.

For further information, please contact:
Anne Gabriel
Communications Director, RSPO Secretariat
[email protected]


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