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SIPEF - PT Bandar Sumatra Indonesia (Bandar Pinang Estate)

New Planting Procedures Public Comments 19 July 2021

PT Bandar Sumatra Indonesia (PT BSI) has proposed a new development plan for its concession that covers an area of 1197.47 ha located inside its operational area in the Bandar Sumatra Indonesia management unit. The plantation properties are located in the Jalan Raya Dolok Masihul, Kecamatan Bintang Bayu, Kabupaten Serdang Bedagai, North Sumatra Indonesia.

The NPP for PT BSI was conducted through a series of assessments and without a CB verification in accordance with NPP requirement for conversion of rubber to oil palm plantation. 

The Summary report of this area is now undergoing 30 days of public notification as required by the RSPO New Planting Procedure 2015 beginning from 19 July 2021 to 18 August 2021.

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