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KULIM - PT Harapan Barito Sejahtera

New Planting Procedures Public Comments 12 August 2014
KULIM - PT Harapan Barito Sejahtera has proposed new planting area located in Teweh Baru & Gunung Timang District, North Barito Regency, Central Kalimantan Province,

Indonesia. The summary report of KULIM - PT Harapan Barito Sejahtera New Planting Assessment is now open to public consultation as required by the RSPO procedures for new plantings. The NPP notice and the summary report may be downloaded by clicking on their titles below.


Attachments Size
RSPO Notification of Proposed New Planting 1.9 MB
Summary Report of Planning & Management 1.2 MB
Summary Report of SEIA and HCV Assessments 1.4 MB
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