Mark your calendars – April 8 commemorates the 20th anniversary of RSPO!

The past two decades has seen RSPO evolve from its humble beginnings as a group of 200 stakeholders from 16 countries, convening for the first time to respond to the resounding call for a more sustainable palm oil industry, to a global partnership of nearly 6000 members from over 103 countries and territories. United by that founding vision to transform one of the world’s biggest commodity sectors into a force for good, RSPO has positively impacted the production and trade of palm oil in ways that protect the world’s natural resources, ecosystems and wildlife habitats, and promote the livelihoods and development of small farmers, and Indigenous communities across the world.

We would not have reached this milestone without the strong commitment of our members to drive this shared mission forward. To celebrate this special milestone, all RSPO Members are invited to share how their companies have been part of this journey and how they are contributing to advancing sustainable palm oil, including how:  

  • Growers, Processors and Traders are contributing to climate action and economic upliftment for millions.
  • Retailers and consumer goods manufacturers are greening their supply chains through responsible sourcing of sustainable palm oil.
  • Social and environmental NGOs are providing the necessary checks and balances, holding the industry to greater accountability.

Share your sustainability stories by accessing our Social Media Messaging Toolkit with ready-to-use, anniversary-related content to supplement individual RSPO Member milestones. Do keep checking the toolkit for updated content as the countdown begins. 

You don’t need to be an RSPO Member to join the celebration! Individuals or consumers passionate about sustainable palm oil can follow our social media pages for our 20th anniversary milestone.

Here’s looking forward to the Next20 and beyond!

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