Aceh Sustainable Roadmap with RSPO-ISPO Certification Unveiled at RT2023

The Aceh Sustainable Palm Oil Roadmap was launched during RT2023, signalling the readiness of Indonesia’s Aceh Province to adopt sustainable practices and support smallholders in accessing global markets amidst tightening international regulations. The initiative is a multi-stakeholder collaboration between RSPO, the Indonesia Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Aceh Indonesian Ministry, and IDH Indonesia. The […]

Smallholders Behind River Conservation Celebrate Reopening of Lubuk Larangan River

After being off limits for five years, the Lubuk Larangan river in the Tanjung Jabung Barat Regency, Jambi Province, was reopened amidst a festive atmosphere in October 2023. RSPO Certified independent smallholders from the group, Forum Petani Swadaya Merlung Renah Mendaluh (FPS-MRM), participated in the day-long celebratory “Pesta Rakyat” or community-wide gathering to catch fish […]

Coming Clean: Somerset Toiletry Company’s Sustainability Journey

“It’s a passion for us to make things beautiful,” says Sakina Buoy, Chairman of the Somerset Toiletry Company (STC). Yet beauty goes beyond skin deep for the British luxury company specialised in artisanal bath, body and fragrance lines – behind their exquisitely designed products is a story of community and conscience. Passionate about being an […]

Power to the People: Empowering Indonesian Local Communities to Defend their Rights

The RSPO has partnered with the Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy (ELSAM) to build knowledge and capacities of Indonesian local communities and civil society organisations in dispute mediation and resolution. A series of training sessions aims to empower civil society to champion the rights of communities impacted by oil palm plantations. Acting as the […]

Cultivating Micro-entrepreneurship among Smallholders

As sustainable palm oil continues its dynamic growth in Latin America, new challenges and opportunities emerge, such as ensuring that smallholder farmers are able to reap the multiple socioeconomic benefits stemming from the sector’s robust expansion. To explore these potential opportunities, RSPO spoke with sustainability specialist Flavio Linares, who, for over three decades, has worked […]

Culture, Communities and Customers: Behind a Brazilian company’s RSPO Certification

Brazilian company Belem Bioenergia Brasil (BBB) has successfully reached a sustainability milestone by obtaining RSPO Certification in August 2023. Specialised in the production of palm oil, palm kernel oil and its refined counterparts (RBD palm oil), BBB is committed to the implementation of sustainable agricultural and industrial activities carried out in the state of Pará […]

ACOP 2022: CSPO Production Hits 15 million MT Milestone

The Annual Communication of Progress (ACOP) 2022 reporting cycle for RSPO Members has officially closed with a new all-time record submission rate of 95.9% (including late submissions), which exceeded the previous year’s rate of 94.1%. Once again, the RSPO Secretariat wishes to thank all RSPO Members for this encouraging response rate, which clearly demonstrates members’ […]

JaSPON x RSPO Conference and Members Engagement Forum

The JaSPON x RSPO Conference and Members Engagement Forum will take place from 11-12 October 2023. The event is expected to draw key stakeholders in the Japanese palm oil industry to discuss critical issues surrounding the promotion of sustainable palm oil in the Japanese market. During the event, RSPO will be giving a number of […]

“Good for agro, good for the world” – Meet RSPO’s new Deputy Director for Market Transformation, Latin America

In the ever expanding universe of sustainability, the stars have been aligned for Camilo Santos Arevalo, RSPO’s new Deputy Director for Market Transformation, Latin America. Describing himself as “a man with boots” owing to his farming background, Colombian-born Camilo shares that sustainability is imprinted in his DNA – his sustainability journey started when he was […]

RSPO Scales up Sustainable Palm Oil Partnerships in India

In recent months, RSPO intensified its engagements and interventions with the Indian government, industry players and communities, amplifying the call for sustainability through effective partnerships in India’s palm oil industry. Such deeper engagement coincides with RSPO’s latest milestone of reaching 100 members in India, mobilising efforts to champion sustainable palm oil production and imports in […]

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