The RSPO Theory of Change (ToC), is a roadmap that demonstrates how RSPO will achieve its vision; to make sustainable palm oil the norm through the key strategies and activities RSPO will implement, together with the support of members, partners, and other actors, to trigger the transformation of the palm oil sector.

The process for change at RSPO is characterised by a progression of “Mobilize, Act and Transform”. This is the backbone of the RSPO Theory of Change and underpinned by the concept of shared responsibility and accountability for results.

All RSPO members shared the responsibility for achieving the vision to transforms markets and make sustainable palm oil the norm. There is a need to define more explicitly the meaning of accountability to each stakeholder who support RSPO. During the recent P&C revision process, mechanism of accountability was discussed and explored with wide agreement on the concept of shared responsibility. 

It was agreed that a transparent process would need to be established that considers the overall process from determining a limited set of relevant and meaningful reporting criteria, that are essential for the provision of information on salient issues across the non-producer RSPO members, including who and what, procedures for collection, analysis and reporting, consequences and communications strategies.

The proposed process and Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Shared Responsibility Taskforce (SRTF) was submitted to the Board of Governors and subsequently endorsed in September 2018. 

It is proposed that the TF comprised of 12 members in the following composition.

     - Indonesia 2
     - Malaysia 2
     - Rest of the world 2
*assuring inclusion of smallholders and outgrowers in the selection of 6  
Processors & Traders 1
Retailers 1
Consumer Goods Manufacturer 1
Banks & Investors 1
Environmental NGOs 1
Social & Development NGOs 1

We wish to invite interested individuals representing the above mentioned membership sectors to join the Taskforce. The ToR for the SRTF is provided below. 

The call for participation and/or nomination closes at 5pm (MYT), 25th January 2019

The first SRTF meeting is tentatively scheduled for 12th February 2019 at Kuala Lumpur

Kindly contact Oi Soo Chin at [email protected] if you would like to participate or submit a nomination, or if you require further information.


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