Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) has been a central requirement of the RSPO Principles and Criteria since they were adopted in 2005. Respect for the right to FPIC is designed to ensure that RSPO certified sustainable palm oil comes from areas without land conflicts or ‘land grabs’. In 2015, the RSPO’s Board of Governors adopted the Free Prior and Informed Consent Guide for Members (“FPIC Guide”).  The FPIC Guide provides advice on how to implement the binding elements of the RSPO standard (the Principles, Criteria and Indicators) pertinent to FPIC.


Although the FPIC guide is tailored to provide guidance for all RSPO stakeholders, there has been a call to provide resources towards building knowledge and capacity for respecting people’s right to FPIC across all the relevant RSPO members and stakeholders, including auditors, certifying bodies and the communities which are impacted by the industry.


In light of the above, the RSPO is pleased to announce a call for application for a consultant to develop a training manual for FPIC in the RSPO context for all RSPO members and stakeholders which would be applicable in a range of context and countries where RSPO has a footprint in. The criteria for this project has been set out in the Terms of Reference (ToR) attached with this announcement.

Interested applicants are advised to read and understand the criteria and timelines for this task as set out in the ToR.

The Consultant will be engaged based on the following criteria:

  1. Familiarity with RSPO and FPIC in the RSPO context;
  2. Familiarity of the industry;
  3. Experience and familiarity in developing training manuals and modules


Interested candidates may submit their proposals to [email protected] by 10th September 2018.




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