RSPO would like to thank our members which have participated in the one year staged implementation of compensation procedures and disclosed their liabilities. We would like to encourage companies to take part in the remaining voluntary section of the RSPO Remediation and Compensation Procedures Related to Land Clearance without Prior HCV Assessment (RaCP), that  is submission of Concept Note and Remediation & Compensation Proposal Plan.

Companies which have completed their submission of Land Use Cover Change analysis (LUCA) for the reported liability may proceed with submission of Concept Note upon approval of the LUCA. Following which and approval of the Concept Note by Compensation Panel, company may then proceed with submission of Remediation & Compensation Proposal Plan to RSPO. The plan will be evaluated by an independent evaluator appointed by RSPO.

RSPO will cover the cost of evaluation for submission up to May 9th, 2016. For proposal plan submitted after May 9th, 2016, RSPO will only cover fifty percent of the evaluation cost and for plan submitted after May 9th, 2017, the evaluation cost will be at the expense of the company as stated in the RaCP.

Remediation & Compensation proposal plan submitted must be according RSPO RaCP requirements and only completed plan will be accepted for evaluation. In cases where re-submission of Remediation & Compensation Proposal Plan required due to poor quality of the plan, the additional cost incurred will be at the expense of the grower.

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