On 12 June 2018, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) announced a partnership with Ulula to introduce a simplified and inclusive mechanism to report potential worker’s incidents and abuses, and to monitor employee satisfaction and social investments in oil palm plantations. 

RSPO and Ulula are now extending this collaboration to RSPO members in Sabah, Malaysia, in a jurisdictional set-up to help members’ operationalise their commitment to sustainable palm oil. The one year pilot study aims to test the applicability of the technology, assisting to monitor risk and access actionable data in real time, and to address issues and showcase improvements.

Some key benefits to Ulula include:

  • Continuous engagement with workers
  • Two-way dialogue to promote employee engagement
  • Working conditions monitored to ease compliance
  • Real time analytics to identify costly risks

Through this partnership, we hope to create a system that will enable RSPO to better support its members and partners in monitoring labour conditions. The tool, which is free of charge, will support labour management practices and simplify reporting and compliance with RSPO standards. A one-page document on how the tool works and its benefits can be downloaded below. 

RSPO is now calling for forward-thinking grower members to pilot test this mobile worker engagement platform in Sabah. Interested grower members should write to [email protected] by 21 September 2018, for more information on the tool and/or to register for the pilot test. 

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