Resolution 6f calling for ‘Review and amendment of the updated NPP process as applied to smallholders’ submitted by the Solidaridad and Setara Jambi has been passed at the RSPO GA13 held in Bangkok on 10 November 2016.


The Resolution demand that the RSPO immediately announce a reprieve from the new planting procedures (NPP) for all smallholders – independent, scheme or associated – until a review of the updated NPP guidance document is completed within 6 month of the announcement.


The RSPO Board of Governors (BoG) in its meeting on 11 November 2016 has discussed the Resolution and has instructed the RSPO Secretariat to come out with the public announcement as soon as possible.


RSPO Secretariat therefore now announce, with immediate effect, that new oil palm development in smallholder areas (independent, scheme or associate) are reprieved from the submission of the NPP.


Certification of smallholders has to comply with the Group Certification Standard and/or all the requirements of P&C 2013.  


RSPO Secretariat will carry out the review specifically focused on simplification and inclusiveness of the NPP and shall specifically include smallholder peculiarities and conditions in defining its applicability. Similarly, the Secretariat will look into the production of detailed guidance on realistic internal social and environmental impact assessments, high conservation value assessment and all other assessments that may be required as part of new planting requirements for smallholders.


The RSPO Secretariat will work with the internal and external stakeholders to carry out the review and the final document will be tabled to the RSPO Board of Governors for endorsement. An announcement will be made within six month in lifting of the reprieve.


For further information, please contact RSPO Secretariat through email to Mr. Salahudin Yaacob, Technical Director ([email protected]) or  Mr Senniah Appalasamy, Certification Manager ([email protected]).

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