The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) will hold its 16th General Assembly (GA16) of members on:
Date:    6 November 2019 (Wednesday)
Time:   3:00 PM (GMT+7)
Venue: Marriott Marquis Bangkok Queen’s Park, Bangkok, Thailand
In accordance with the RSPO Statutes 2018 (Article 9), RSPO Members are now invited to submit the following:

1. Nominations (including self-nominations) of candidates for the RSPO Board of Governors (BoG) including the nomination of Alternates.
2. Resolutions for the consideration and endorsement by the General Assembly.
The following seats in the Board of Governors are due for election:

  1. Ordinary Membership – Sector: Growers
    MalaysiaMPOA is retiring and available for re-election.
    IndonesiaGolden Agri-Resources Ltd is retiring and available for re-election.
  2. Ordinary Membership – Sector: Processors and/or Traders
    Wilmar International Limited is retiring and available for re-election.
  3. Ordinary Membership – Sector: Consumer Goods Manufacturers
    Unilever is retiring and is available for re-election.
  4. Ordinary Membership – Sector: Retailers
    Aeon Co., Ltd is retiring and available for re-election.
  5. Ordinary Membership – Sector: Banks and Investors
    HSBC Holding Plc is retiring and is not available for re-election.
  6. Ordinary Membership – Sector: Environmental NGOs
    World Resource Institute is retiring and available for re-election.
  7. Ordinary Membership – Sector: Social NGOs
    Oxfam International is retiring and available for re-election.

RSPO Ordinary Members are hereby invited to nominate themselves or any other candidate for the upcoming election of the RSPO BoG for the seats stated above. Only RSPO Ordinary Members are eligible as candidates for a BoG position to represent their respective membership sector.

In accordance with Article 11(d) of the RSPO Statutes 2018, the principal nominee of a BoG seat SHALL name his/her Alternate who must come from the same membership sector of the principal nominee. For the avoidance of doubt, an Alternate named in a BoG seat nomination shall be elected concurrently with the BoG seat principal nominee.

The BoG is responsible for the general management of the RPSO in collaboration with the RSPO Chief Executive Officer. The BoG will work together with the Secretariat staff to discuss the activities of the association and to guard quality and financial viability. Elected BoG members must be prepared to dedicate the required time and resources to the RSPO.

Nominations submitted must contain the following:

  1. Name of organisation, membership sector, membership number,
  2. Name of principal nominee and Alternate, their respective positions in the organisation and contact details.
  3. Profile/biography of principal nominee and Alternate, and company/organisation profile (maximum one A4 page)

Please send your nominations to the RSPO Secretariat either by email ([email protected]) or fax (+603 2302 1542).

All nominations must reach the RSPO Secretariat no later than 1700 hour (GMT+8), 6 September 2019 (Friday). Please note that a strict policy will be enforced and late nominations WILL NOT be considered.


In accordance with the RPSO Statutes 2018, this call also extends to resolutions for consideration by the GA. In order for the GA to meaningfully deliberate and decide on resolutions, these submissions must meet with the requirements stipulated, to facilitate proper consideration of resolutions within a fixed time frame.

Resolutions must contain the following:

  1. Title of resolution and sponsor/proponent (i.e. RSPO Member)
  2. Summary or background of resolution (maximum one A4 page)
  3. Information and/or contact to obtain full details of resolution

Guidance – the contents of the proposed resolution should not be in conflict with the RSPO Statutes 2018, Anti-Trust Principles or require changes to the Principles and Criteria (P&C). Resolutions should be worded in a manner that allows for a clear ‘For’ or ‘Against’ vote and should not contain multiple options.

Please send your resolution(s) to the RSPO Secretariat either by post, fax (+603 2302 1542) or email ([email protected]). All submissions of the resolutions must reach the RSPO Secretariat no later than 1700 hour (GMT+8), 6 September 2019 (Friday). Please note that a strict policy will be enforced and late submissions WILL NOT be considered


We encourage all Ordinary Members to register your attendance for GA16.

Online registration to attend GA16 and e-voting will open on 9 October, 2019. We would also like to take this opportunity to kindly remind you to settle any outstanding membership fees.

A formal Notice of General Assembly along with the proxy form (for those who are unable to attend and are not registering for e-voting) will be sent to members of RSPO at least 21 days before the GA.

The draft minutes of GA15 may be viewed or downloaded at

For further information, kindly contact the RSPO Secretariat at +603 2302 1500 or email us at [email protected].

Darrel Webber
Chief Executive Officer
Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

9 August 2019

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