RSPO is pleased to announce that the Annual Communication of Progress (ACOP) 2023 is now open for submissions. ACOP reports must be made via the MyRSPO member portal by Friday 3 May 2024 at 11:59 PM MYT (UTC+8)

The submission of the ACOP report is mandatory for all Ordinary and Affiliate members who have been with RSPO for at least one year. However, it is voluntary for all Supply Chain Associates, as well as Ordinary and Affiliate members who have not completed a full year of RSPO membership.

To help members prepare for ACOP 2023, we created: 

Instructional Videos:

What is ACOP?

ACOP Process in 6 Easy Steps

ACOP Guidelines:

These guidelines are available in nine languages: Bahasa Indonesia, simplified Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, and  Thai. Annex 2 of the ACOP Guidelines contains a full list of ACOP 2023 questions in Microsoft Excel format to assist members in preparing for submission, including generic conversion values for palm oil- and palm kernel oil-based derivatives as a reference for RSPO Credits. 

View ACOP Guidelines

Additionally, all Ordinary, non-grower RSPO Members who need to comply with the Shared Responsibility (SR) requirements are to report their SR performance through the Shared Responsibility section of the ACOP report. The Shared Responsibility questions of ACOP have been streamlined and improved to align with the SR requirements, aiming to remind RSPO Members to submit their SR performance evidence in their MyRSPO profile (guide). 

The SR performance uploaded in MyRSPO, together with the certified volume uptake reported in ACOP, is translated into a score published in the SR Scorecard of the RSPO website. The next update of the SR Scorecard will take place in September 2024, using the data available in MyRSPO by 1 July 2024 and ACOP 2023 uptake volumes.

To ensure you receive the latest communication from the RSPO Secretariat, please check that your membership profile, including Group Membership and contact details, is up to date in the MyRSPO member portal. You may view your past ACOP reports on the RSPO ACOP page.

We look forward to your cooperation and hope you have a successful ACOP reporting year. 
Should you have any enquiries, please contact [email protected]

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