The RSPO Annual Communication of Progress (ACOP) reporting period for 2021 is scheduled to begin on 28 March 2022 and conclude on 20 May 2022. ACOP is an annual self-reporting commitment carried out by RSPO members, which is mandatory for Ordinary and Affiliate members that have completed a full year of membership. ACOP data is important as it presents a full picture of the complex RSPO certification supply chain and is increasingly being used in conjunction with existing RSPO data, principally the Assurance System data that covers certified members, to encompass a wider scope covering both certified and uncertified members. 

For this year’s round of reporting, RSPO has created the ACOP Report Card Generator in order to enable members to track their historical ACOP reporting in an improved manner. The Report Card Generator summarises a member’s ACOP reporting over time, starting from ACOP 2013 up to ACOP 2020, and is based on membership category and operational profile. The summary of a member’s historical ACOP report in the Report Card Generator is focused on key certification and progress points, including the extent and uptake of the production and/or consumption of RSPO certified sustainable palm oil and palm oil products, as well as the evolution of a member's public TimeBound Plan.

The ACOP Report Card Generators will be updated annually with each ACOP reporting cycle, and are available for the following membership categories: Growers, Processors and Traders, Consumer Goods Manufacturers, Retailers, Banking and Insurance, Environmental NGOs and Social NGOs, covering data from members who have reported on those operational profiles. 

 The ACOP Report Card Generator can be accessed on the ACOP web page together with past ACOP reports. Further details on ACOP 2021 will be sent out to all members in mid-March.

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