In line with ISEAL best practices, to ensure that standards remain relevant and reflect stakeholder understanding of good sustainability practices, the RSPO Principles and Criteria (P&C) 2013 is being reviewed again and subsequently submitted for adoption by the General Assembly of RSPO by November 2018.

The draft of the revised P&C is now open for public consultation. The public consultation period​ will last for 6​0 days, from the 1st September 2017 until and including 30th October 2017.

To comment on the draft, please fill in the P&C survey below in the language of your choice:


The RSPO BoG approved a new Strategy for Smallholders in June 2017. This strategy commits RSPO to further develop approaches to rapidly increase the inclusion of smallholders in the RSPO system. This document aims to contribute to the second objective of the Strategy, which is to simplify the RSPO certification approach and pro-actively engage with pilots such as jurisdictional approaches. It was developed by a subgroup of the P&C Review Taskforce to seek inputs on a range of elements (e.g. smallholder definitions; use of stepwise; potential topic or indicator applicability) in order to develop practical solutions to the reality of smallholders on the ground. It is intended only as an opener for conversations with a view of using your inputs to develop a proposal for smallholders in time for the second public consultation period.

Kindly download a copy of the document ‘Considerations for Smallholders’ below and add your comments directly on there.

Please send it back as word document to: [email protected]

During this period of Public Consultation, RSPO Secretariat will also be organising face-to-face sessions & roadshows in selected countries as follow:


In these full-day workshops we will work through the draft documents, discuss in groups and collect comments. We particularly recommend participation of stakeholders with good knowledge of the P&C and experience with their implementation. Those working with smallholders, e.g. Group Managers or NGOs with smallholder support programmes, are encouraged to opt for the ‘Smallholder’ focused events.

Date  Event Contact Person
1 Sept P&C 2017 Public Consultation – STARTS Julia Majail
19 Sept P&C for Smallholders (SH) and New Planting Procedures (NPP) for SH Public Consultation, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA Julia Majail
20 Sept P&C Public Consultation, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA Julia Majail
28 Sept P&C Public Consultation, Jakarta, INDONESIA Djaka Riksanto
29 Sept P&C Public Consultation, Bogota, COLOMBIA Francisco Naranjo
5 Oct P&C Public consultation for Smallholders + NPP for SH Medan, INDONESIA Djaka Riksanto
10 Oct P&C Public Consultation, Accra, AFRICA (English) Elikplim Agbitor
11 Oct P&C Public Consultation, Accra, AFRICA (Franco) Elikplim Agbitor
11 Oct P&C Public Consultation, HONDURAS Francisco Naranjo
12 Oct P&C Public consultation for Smallholders + NPP for SH, Accra, AFRICA Elikplim Agbitor
12 Oct P&C Public consultation for Smallholders + NPP for SH HONDURAS Francisco Naranjo
19 Oct P&C Public Consultation, Krabi, THAILAND Thitinai Pongpiriyakit
20 Oct P&C Public consultation for Smallholders + NPP for SH Krabi, THAILAND Thitinai Pongpiriyakit
24 Oct P&C Public Consultation, London, EUROPE Inke van der Sluijs

Danielle Morley

30 Oct P&C 2017 Public Consultation – ENDS Julia Majail


In these half-day events we will present the P&C Review process, timeline and key elements of the draft documents. We recommend participation particularly to stakeholders and interested parties who are new to the RSPO.

Date Event Contact Person
21 Sept Roadshow on P&C in New York, USA Dan Strechay
26 Sept Roadshow on P&C in Berlin, GERMANY Danielle Morley
10 Oct Roadshow on P&C in Brussels, BELGIUM Danielle Morley
12 Oct Roadshow on P&C in Beijing, CHINA Yun Jiang
17 Oct Roadshow on P&C in Paris, FRANCE Danielle Morley
19 Oct Roadshow on P&C in Stockholm, SWEDEN Danielle Morley

For further information, you may contact the relevant person via the email addresses as above.

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