DAABON moves from certification to selling RSPO NEXT credits

Colombia-based agribusiness, Daabon Group has completed the first sale of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil’s RSPO Next credits. The sale took place just one year after Daabon became the first oil palm grower in the world to achieve certification through RSPO NEXT, a voluntary add-on module engaging RSPO member companies to exceed the RSPO’s internationally recognised sustainability standard.

The sale represents 2,000 tons of certified volume in RSPO NEXT credits, which were developed to meet increased market commitments for no deforestation, no development on peat, no fires, and no human rights violations. RSPO NEXT credit sales are made public via the online and transparent marketplace PalmTrace.

Manuel Julian Dávila, Daabon CEO, said, “We are honoured to contribute to the positive dialogue that the palm oil industry offers to its stakeholders worldwide, and particularly proud of this achievement. It is a strong message that confirms that corporations believe in Colombia’s social and economic renewal, because they actively support our efforts to grow with communities in a setting of transparency and peace.”

Setting a positive example for transformation

“This is a great achievement for DAABON Group and we congratulate them for continuously leading the change towards a more sustainable palm oil industry,” said Datuk Darrel Webber, RSPO CEO. “It also sets a positive example: transformation cannot happen in isolation, but together, through collaboration, we can collectively lead the efforts to transform the market to make sustainable palm oil the norm.”

In January 2017, Daabon’s four palm oil estates in Northern Colombia underwent a six-day, five-man team audit, which included certification and compliance with RSPO Next requirements for the 122 smallholder farms that supply the mill.

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