Dear Members and Friends,

On behalf of the RSPO Board of Governors, we are pleased to update you on the special arrangements for this year’s annual meeting of the RSPO General Assembly (GA). 

We acknowledge the serious impacts of the global pandemic, and we want to assure you that the RSPO is working to support our valued members and stakeholders as we strive to ensure business continuity throughout this difficult period.

The RSPO Secretariat has been working closely with members, certification bodies, and our accreditation body to modify our audit protocols to ensure that our standards remain a top priority for all.  We thank you for your patience and understanding, as well as your willingness to adapt and respond quickly to the ever-changing landscape.

In light of this challenging and fast-evolving situation, the Board has considered all options for the forthcoming GA in November and has decided to go ahead with this event at this time.  We do not wish to curtail the opportunity for Members to be heard. 

To this end, the Board of Governors has endorsed a special virtual GA to be held by webinar on 25 November 2020. You will shortly receive a formal notification of the timing and e-voting procedures for this event, and we hope you will all participate. The event itself will feature live reports from the RSPO Co-Chairs, the Treasurer, and the results of the composition of the Board of Governors as elected via our e-voting platform.

In view of this year’s exceptional circumstances, the Board of Governors is issuing a one off, special appeal to members for a voluntary postponement of the submission of Resolutions in 2020 while the Secretariat directs its efforts and resources to supporting members through these difficult times. 

This unusual appeal is made with our full commitment that the 2021 Resolution window will open as soon as possible to accommodate any urgent concerns and that our new CEO Beverley Postma will make herself available to engage in a virtual dialogue with as many members as possible.

We wish to stress our commitment to upholding the highest standards of inclusivity and transparency and we look forward to engaging with you through a series of special digital events between now and the end of the year.  We are particularly looking forward to seeing you at this year’s RT2020 from 9-11 November, and at our special virtual GA on the 25th.

Until then, we remain at your service and we wish you and your colleagues continued resilience and strength for the months ahead. 

RSPO Board of Governors
Dato' Carl Bek-Nielsen, Co-Chair
Tim Stephenson, Vice-Chair

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