No Deforestation Task Force (NDTF)

The RSPO Principles & Criteria (P&C 2018) adopted at General Assembly 15 (GA15) on the 15th November 2018, Kota Kinabalu Sabah; incorporated High Carbon Stock (HCS) Approach as new requirements to halt deforestation (Criterion 7.12). While, a No Deforestation Joint Steering Group (NDJSG) is to be established with mandate to develop no deforestation or HCSA implementation procedure in High Forest Cover Country and Landscape within (Indicator 7.12.3); urgent guidance is required for the implementation of HCSA in fragmented landscape (Indicator 7.12.2).

On 28th January 2019, the RSPO Board of Governors (BoG) endorsed the establishment of the ‘No Deforestation Task Force’ (NDTF) to produce and provide guidance and communication plans for ensuring a smooth transition for RSPO members to implement the new requirements of Indicator 7.12.2 of the P&C; while identifying and providing recommendations on any other gaps, requiring guidance for implementation and monitoring of Criterion 7.12 as a whole.


Substantive Members
Alternate Members
Oil Palm Growers
Lee Kuan Yee (KLK)

Geetha Govindan (PT ANJ)

Olivier Tichit (Sipef)
Gwendelynne Bulan Tanil (Genting)

Lim Sian Choo (Bumitama)

Ian Orrell (NBPOL)
CGM, Financial Institutions, Retailers
Natasha Schwarzbach (PepsiCo)

Laure d’Astorg (Cerelia/Allianceforets)

Cristina Cedillo Torres (Robeco)
Emily Kunen (Nestle)

Lee Kuan-Chu

Processors and Traders
Dr Gan Lian Tiong (Musimas)
Yunita Widiasuti (Cargill)
Environmental NGO
Anne Rosenbarger (WRI)

Michael Guindon (ZSL)

Jenny Walther-Thoss (WWF)

Michelle Desilets (OLT)

Social NGO

RSPO Secretariat

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