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Call for Tenders for Research on Impacts of RSPO Certification on Working and Living Conditions (Including Living Wages) of Oil Palm Plantation Workers

One of the main intended impacts of RSPO certification is to provide sustainable livelihoods and poverty reduction, as well as ensuring that human rights are protected, respected and remedied. While oil palm cultivation has contributed significantly to the socio-economic development of producers or farmers and workers alike, the industry continues to be associated with an array of adverse social impacts such as poor working and living conditions of workers, and conflicts with local communities.

This has raised questions about the extent to which RSPO certification can assist in the protection and improvement of rural livelihoods, social well-being, and ensuring that human rights are respected. In a recent research survey conducted by RSPO, the impact of RSPO certification on oil palm workers has emerged as one of the top three key research priorities that RSPO should focus on.

Therefore, RSPO is now calling for tenders for research evaluation on the impact of RSPO certification and standards on the working and living conditions (including living wage) of oil palm plantation workers in Malaysia. The details of this study are outlined in the Terms of Reference below.

If you are interested in conducting this study, please submit your proposal to tender@rspo.org.  The closing date to submit proposals will be 18 February 2019 at 6:00 p.m. (MYT)

For any enquiries relating to this tender, please contact cheryl.ong@rspo.org.