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Announcement: Expression of Interest to Revise the FPIC Guidance (2015)

The  concept of Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) is a specific right to indigenous peoples, local people and local communities to give or withhold consent for a project that may affect their rights, land, or community. This has been a central requirement of the RSPO Principles and  Criteria (P&C) since its inception in 2005.

The current guidance for the implementation of this requirement is the FPIC Guidance (developed in 2015), which serves as a reference to members who seek clarification on certain ambiguities pertaining to FPIC. However, with the revision of the P&C in 2018, the FPIC guidance now requires alignment as well as a practical layout so that it not only serves as a guidance to members, but also as an actual tool for implementation to be directly applied in the field.

In line with this, RSPO is pleased to announce a call for applications from consultants to revise the Free, Prior and Informed Consent Guidance to be aligned with the current P&C 2018. The criteria for this project has been set out in the Terms of Reference (“ToR”) attached to this announcement.

Interested applicants are advised to read and consider the ToR and submit their expression of interest together with their profile, relevant expertise, and proposed methodology on how they intend to take on this project, one month from the date of this announcement.

Interested applicants may submit their expression of interest to tender@rspo.org by 6:00pm MYT on 10th January 2020.

For any queries, kindly contact Prasad Vijaya Segaran at prasad.segaran@rspo.org.