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Update: Call for Participation in the Assurance Standing Committee (ASC) Subgroups

Updates: Nomination for the Governance Subgroup is now open and the nomination period for all three subgroups is extended to 31st January 2022.

The Gap Analysis of the RSPO Assurance System has been concluded and was published in September 2021. The analysis took a systematic approach to identify key weaknesses in the RSPO Assurance System as well as its root causes and captured the necessary recommendations to address them. The resulting work plan was merged with the current RSPO Operational Plan and presented under two workstreams: Strengthen Assurance System and Monitor Compliance.

As part of the gap analysis work plan, three subgroups will be formed under the Assurance Standing Committee (ASC), namely the Governance, Standards Quality and Public Domain Subgroups, which will support the ASC by providing expert input for in-depth deliberation on the Assurance System implementation. Outcomes from the subgroups’ discussions will be channelled to the ASC, which is responsible for providing strategic oversight to improve the credibility and accountability of the RSPO Assurance System.

With this, the RSPO Secretariat wishes to invite all interested stakeholders to participate in the formation of the Standards Quality Subgroup (RSPO members), Public Domain Subgroup (RSPO and non-RSPO members) and Governance Subgroup (RSPO members). Please note, the RSPO Secretariat will inform you of the confirmation of your seat after nomination close.

You may express your interest by emailing freda.manan@rspo.org by 31 January 2022. For more information on the Gap Analysis of the RSPO Assurance System and the ASC Subgroups, please refer to the report and the terms of reference (ToR) below.