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GeoRSPO - RSPO Mapbuilder App

At the RSPO General Assembly GA10 in November 2013, resolution 6g was passed; requiring the submission of all concession maps of RSPO members, whether certified or not. RSPO then partnered with World Resources Institute in 2016 to develop a mapbuilder app, which is an interactive mapping platform featuring concession maps submitted by RSPO grower members. The mapbuilder app comes with powerful analytical tools for statistical and geospatial analyses.

Notes on concession data of the mapbuilder app:

  1. The data displayed is from previous Annual Communications On Progress (ACOP)  submissions i.e. ACOP 2013 - 2016, e-maps submission, membership application and smallholder land cover analysis.
  2. The data shown excludes most of Malaysia except for the State of Sabah due to uncertain legality status (Note: The Indonesian government has recently confirmed that there is no legal requirement preventing RSPO members to publish concession maps - www.rspo.org/news-and-events/announcements/rspo-update-on-legality-of-emaps-publication-in-indonesia).
  3. Some aspects in the concession data are incomplete, which RSPO is in the process of updating.
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