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DSF Mediators

In appointing a Mediator to manage the DSF Mediation, DSF will draw on its global network of pre-qualified mediators, experienced in managing multi-stakeholder disputes. DSF mediators work in accordance with the DSF mediator Code of Professional Conduct and report to a DSF Case Manager who coordinates finances, contracting and reporting and provides technical as well as logistical support to the Mediator. 

Where possible, DSF will select a Mediator with the requisite professional and language skills from the country or region where the case is located. If such a Mediator is not available, DSF will select whomever is believed to be the most suitable while taking into consideration the location and context of the particular case. 

The DSF Mediator is a de facto process manager who will utilise and match a range of techniques when working with divergent groups and parties to a dispute which may include facilitation, information sharing, joining fact-finding, consensus building, capacity building and mediation.