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Since the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Coronavirus (COVID-19) a global pandemic on 11 March 2020, the situation has continued to evolve daily, with numerous countries implementing government mandated restrictions, quarantines, social distancing, and/or other preventative measures. We fully acknowledge the significant impact this is having on the global community at large, and want to assure our valued members and stakeholders that the RSPO Secretariat is working to support you, and to the greatest extent possible, ensure business continuity throughout this difficult period.

In light of the ever growing situation, we endeavour to keep you informed on all RSPO/ COVID-19 related news and information below. And please check back often for the latest information and updates:

Closure of RSPO Malaysia Office

14 Oct 2020 - The Kuala Lumpur office will be closed from 14 to 27 October 2020, due to the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) issued by the Malaysian Government. The CMCO is in response to the recent spike in the number of COVID-19 cases in the country, and to help reduce the spread of the virus.

RSPO Certification Audits during COVID-19 Crisis

25 Aug 2020 - In an effort to strengthen the credibility of our auditing process during this time, RSPO accredited CBs will be allowed to perform remote audits with the participation of one or more ‘Audit Facilitators’ on-site.

RSPO Certification Audits - FAQ for Remote Auditing

24 Jul 2020 - We have summarised many of the queries received over the past few months into a concise document of frequently asked questions (FAQ), which we hope will assist members, CBs and ABs with future queries.


14 May 2020 - The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is aware of the Malaysian Government’s recent decision on 1 May 2020, easing the Movement Control Order (MCO) and the prohibition of agro-certification.


30 Apr 2020 - The RSPO Secretariat reminds our members that the 2018 RSPO Principles and Criteria (P&C), contains many provisions for the implementation of SOPs, provisions for work protections like PPE and safe working conditions, as well as a commitment to meeting or exceeding the local national minimum wages. All members should be implementing the World Health Organisation’s COVID-19 Advice for Public as well as local and national regulations related to the precautions and treatment of COVID-19.



As noted in our communication on 13 July, “Important update on RSPO’s contact information”, our contact phone numbers have recently changed. Please contact us via our main phone line  +603 2201 4646. Or you may contact us via one of the following numbers:

  • Fax line: +603 2202 0527

  • Human Rights Defenders Hotline: +603 2202 1771

As we continue to adjust to the Covid-19 situation, please note that the Kuala Lumpur office has reopened with reduced headcount operating from the office on a weekly rotational roster, while other staff continue working from home. 

To ensure your query is met in a timely manner, we kindly ask that you please reach out to specific RSPO Secretariat departments through email: 


Certification Unit

Finance Unit

Membership Fees

Membership Helpdesk

Smallholder Unit

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