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Wilmar International Ltd (PT Agrindo Indah Persada, Jambi) New Planting Assessment: Call for comment

New Planting Procedures Public Consultations 06 March 2012
The summary report of PT Agrindo Indah Persada  New Planting Assessment  is now open to public consultation, from 4 August 2011 to 3 September 2011. The public are invited to submit their comments to chong@rspo.org.  The notice and the summary report may be downloaded by clicking on their titles below.

Attachment Size
RSPO-NPP Notification - PT Agrindo Indah Persada.pdf 503.83 KB
NPP Confirmation of Compliance - PT AIP.pdf 44.56 KB
RSPO-NPP Report PT AIP-Assessment findings.pdf 3.37 MB
RSPO-NPP Report PT AIP-Monitoring and Management plan.pdf 1.64 MB
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