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Indonesia : National Interpretation Public Consultation

National Interpretation Public Consultations 24 February 2014
National Interpretation Public Consultation for Indonesia

Indonesia National Interpretation (INA NI) - developed by participatory multi-stakeholder Indonesia National Interpretation Taskforce

Consultation Period on NI draft : 18 February 2014 - 18 April 2014

Physical public consultation to be held at IPB International Convention Center, Bogor : 5 March 2014

Please address your comments on the NI Draft (V) to the following e-mail not later than 18 April 2014, 5PM (UTC+08:00):

· sekretariat_formisbi@yahoo.com

· dwilaksono.bambang@yahoo.com

· donald.ginting@yahoo.com

· Indriyana.Neny@gmail.com



Downloads Size
Draft V Interpretasi Nasional Prinsip Kriteria RSPO (Bahasa Indonesia) 1.3MB, PDF
Draft V Interpretasi Nasional Prinsip Kriteria RSPO (English) 984KB, PDF
Annex 1  List of Applicable Indonesian and Ratified International Laws and Regulations (English) 447KB, PDF
Lampiran 1 Daftar Peraturan Perundangan Indonesia dan Ratifikasi International yg Berhubungan dgn RSPO P&C 2013 (Indonesia) 369KB, PDF