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Herakles Farms Cooperatief, UA. (SG Sustainable Oils Ghana Ltd) New Planting Assessment

New Planting Procedures Public Consultations 06 March 2012
The summary report of SG Sustainable Oils Ghana Limited (SGSOG) New Planting Assessment is now open to public viewing. As this is part of an on-going planting and is meant for notification only. The notice and the summary report may be downloaded by clicking on their titles below.

Attachment Size
1 SEIA HCV Assessment Summary Report_SGSOG_Nov 2011_v1.pdf 3.48 MB
2 Management Plan Summary Report_SGSOG_Nov 2011_v1.pdf 3 MB
3 RSPO Notification of New Planting_SGSOG_Nov 2011_v3_0.pdf 3.01 MB
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