Distributors license holders

The distributors’ license is approved for RSPO member whom participates in the RSPO certified oil palm supply chain. The distributors and wholesalers take legal ownership, store and sell products to their customer bases, but do not unpack, repack or relabel those products at any stage.

member name membership number license holder expiry date
9Brand Foods Limited 9-2082-17-000-00 9Brand Foods Limited 2018-09-07
ABCO Laboratories, Inc. 9-2204-17-000-00 ABCO Laboratories, Inc. 2018-11-08
Adolf Darbo AG 9-0787-14-000-00 Adolf Darbo AG 2018-07-06
Agro Trading S.r.l. 9-1318-15-000-00 Agro Trading S.R.L 2018-11-15
Ajinomoto Co., Inc. 4-0284-12-000-00 Ajinomoto Trading, Inc. 2018-10-31
Ajinomoto Co., Inc. 4-0284-12-000-00 Taiso Commerce Inc. 2018-10-31
alduBACK GmbH 9-1949-17-000-00 alduBACK GmbH 2018-03-31
Alexius Trustees Limited 2-0784-17-000-00 Kauri New Zealand Limited 2019-01-30
Alexius Trustees Limited 2-0784-17-000-00 Kauri ANZ Limited 2019-01-30
Alfa Chemicals Limited 9-2085-17-000-00 Alfa Chemicals Limited 2018-12-17