Job description

The Technical Executive will assist the GHG Manager in overseeing GHG related issues in the RSPO for internal and external stakeholders. 

Duties & Responsibilities :

– Establish a system to maintain and manage GHG report submissions and review and analyse data contained therein
– Manage and maintain the PalmGHG calculator and promote understanding and awareness among RSPO members and wider stakeholders
– Develop training and awareness materials on PalmGHG
– Organise workshops and events to build capacity of members on PalmGHG
– Periodically evaluate the use of PalmGHG along with other GHG calculators for the purpose of review and improvement of PalmGHG
– Support the GHG in managing ERWG meetings and related activities
– Any other duties that are reasonably assigned by the Greenhouse Gas Manager or his/her designate


Desired Skills and Experience

Academic Qualification :

A Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science, Biology, General Science

Experience :

– Minimum 3 years of working experience preferably in areas relating to palm oil production and/or Greenhouse Gas emissions.

– Fair understanding on environmental sustainability and the oil palm sector.

Skills :

– Excellent analytical and interpersonal skills along with strong organizational ability; must be able to obtain, analyze and evaluate a variety of information, organize, interpret and present it in meaningful oral or written form for varied audiences and provide solid analysis leading to sound decision-making.

– Fluent in English and preferably Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia

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