In September 2021, the RSPO launched its Jurisdictional Approach Pilot Framework, offering guidance and a framework for developing Jurisdictional Approaches to the certification of sustainable palm oil, which will follow the RSPO Standards (Principles & Criteria 2018, Independent Smallholder Standard, etc.) and sets a stepwise approach that is coherent across all regions.

Building on the endorsed pilot framework, jurisdictional certification can only be achieved if a number of new RSPO institutional arrangements and guidelines are developed to accommodate this new approach. Key factors, such as HCV-HCS assessments and remediation and compensation procedure, will also need to be adjusted to jurisdictional/landscape approaches.

There is existing procedure (RaCP) available for Management Unit (unit of certification which is the mill and its supply base) to fulfil the P&C Indicator 7.12.8 (C) Where there has been land clearing without prior HCV assessment since November 2005, or without prior HCV-HCSA assessment since 15 November 2018, the Remediation and Compensation Procedure (RaCP) applies.

It is vital to first understand the gap of existing management unit level Remediation and Compensation Procedure to be upscaled for jurisdictional level application.

The RSPO is now calling for proposals from independent bodies or individuals to conduct a thorough review of the current RaCP, to identify the areas and changes that are required for the procedures to be applicable at jurisdictional level, in addition to management unit level.  The details are outlined in the Terms of Reference attached.

If you are interested, please submit your proposal to [email protected].

This tender announcement will close on 9 December 2022 (Friday) at 6.00PM MYT (GMT+8).

For any queries, please contact Daniel Liew at [email protected]. Only shortlisted candidate would be notified.

ToR – RSPO Remediation and Compensation Procedures (RaCP)

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