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Standards & Certification Standing Committee

The brief for the Standards & Certification Standing Committee derives from Article 2 of the RSPO statutes, the relevant excerpts being:

  • research and development of definitions and criteria for the sustainable production and use of palm oil,
  • undertake practical projects designed to facilitate implementation of sustainable best practices, and
  • development of solutions to practical problems related to the adoption and verification of best practices for plantation establishment and management, procurement, trade and logistics.

Terms of Reference

The members of the Standards & Certification Standing Committee shall be responsible for the following:

  • Define sustainable palm oil production through stakeholder expertise and research.
  • Develop criteria that singly and in aggregate reflect the definition.
  • Construct measurable indicators for the various criteria.
  • Adapt the criteria and indicators for the various socio-environmental conditions under which palm oil is produced without compromising criteria and definitions.
  • Organise a credible mechanism for scrutinising and recording the production of RSPO defined sustainable palm oil in the various environments.
  • Strengthen capacity to produce palm oil sustainably and resources to support monitoring of such production.