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Smallholder Standing Committee

In July 2017, the RSPO Board of Governors (BoG) endorsed the RSPO Smallholder Strategy. The Strategy outlined the goals and objectives that need to be realised in order to bring meaningful transformation to smallholders’ livelihoods and increase support for smallholder inclusion into the RSPO system. The Smallholder Standing Committee (SHSC) will provide a more comprehensive representation of smallholder interests, with allocation of responsibilities to deliver the strategy held within one single body.


  • To oversee the execution of the RSPO Smallholder Strategy and for the RSPO Secretariat to lead the implementation of the planned activities;

  • To make decisions throughout the implementation of the Smallholder Strategy and to ensure that the guiding principles are respected in the decision making;

  • To form one (or more) Working Group(s) or Task Force(s) to be responsible for delivering a specific output of the Smallholder Strategy. These subgroups will report back to the SHSC and where appropriate, the Standing Committee will evaluate and decide on the recommendations of the working group(s); 

  • To monitor the overall budget for the implementation of the Smallholder Strategy;

  • To report to the BoG on matters concerning smallholders.


Substantive Members

Stakeholder Category



Oil Palm Grower (Malaysia)


Oil Palm Grower (Indonesia)

Ivan Novrizaldie

Asian Agri

Oil Palm Grower (RoW)

Jan Hein de Vroe 

Natural Habitats

Social NGO  

Marieke Leegwater


Environmental NGO 

Michael Guindon


Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Mohd Suffian Muhili 


Bank / Financial Institution

Johan Verburg 


Processor / Trader

To be confirmed



David Wigand 

Hofer KG (Formerly ALDI International Services)

Smallholder (Malaysia) 

Hiew Koh Thien 

N.Y.Hiew Holdings Sdn. Bhd.

Smallholder (Indonesia) 

Narno bin Sayoto Irontiko


Smallholder (Thailand) 

To be confirmed


Smallholder (Papua New Guinea) 

Ian Orrell

New Britain Palm Oil Limited (NBPOL)

Smallholder (Africa) 

Ahmadou Cisse

Solidaridad Côte d’Ivoire

Smallholder (LatAm) 

To be confirmed



Alternate Members

Stakeholder Category



Oil Palm Grower (RoW)

Charles Mate-Kole 

Norpalm Ghana Ltd.

Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Ingrid Richardson 


Smallholder (Indonesia) 

Rukaiyah Rafiq 

Setara Jambi

Smallholder (Africa) 

Charles Manasseh Sackey


Terms of Reference and Meeting Minutes

The Smallholder Strategy aims to make the RSPO system more inclusive for smallholders. The SHSC is therefore charged to achieve the three main objectives of the Smallholder Strategy, namely improving smallholders’ livelihoods, increasing the number of smallholders within the RSPO system, and increasing support for smallholder inclusion into the RSPO system.