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Smallholder Standing Committee

In 2018, RSPO Board of Governors (BoG) endorsed the RSPO Theory of Change (ToC) with the overall vision of making sustainable palm oil the norm.

In March 2019, the RSPO BoG subsequently endorsed the RSPO Governance Review for ‘Reorganisation of Standing Committees, Task Forces and Working Groups’. The Standard Setting Committee was established to provide the direction and contribute to the RSPO standard settings, which may include, but not limited to, the development and/or revision of normative and relevant guidance documents  for RSPO members


  • To oversee the execution of the RSPO Smallholder Strategy and for the RSPO Secretariat to lead the implementation of the planned activities;

  • To make decisions throughout the implementation of the Smallholder Strategy and to ensure that the guiding principles are respected in the decision making;

  • To form one (or more) Working Group(s) or Task Force(s) to be responsible for delivering a specific output of the Smallholder Strategy. These subgroups will report back to the SHSC and where appropriate, the Standing Committee will evaluate and decide on the recommendations of the working group(s); 

  • To monitor the overall budget for the implementation of the Smallholder Strategy;

  • To report to the BoG on matters concerning smallholders.



* final structure to be determined


Substantive Members



Membership Sector
Marieke Leegwater (Chair) Solidaridad Social NGO
Lee Kuan Chun (Chair) Procter & Gamble Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Ivan Novrizaldie

Asian Agri

Oil Palm Grower (Indonesia)

Jan Hein de Vroe 

Planting Naturals Oil Palm Grower (RoW)
Narno bin Sayoto Irontiko


Smallholder (Indonesia) 

Ian Orrell

New Britain Palm Oil Limited (NBPOL)

Smallholder (Papua New Guinea) 

Ahmadou Cisse

Solidaridad West Africa

Smallholder (Africa) 
Jorge Esteban Coronel Arias Oleopalma Smallholder (Latin America)
Sabine Mueller HOFER KG dba. ALDI SOUTH Group Retailer
Eleanor Spencer Zoological Society of London (ZSL) Environmental NGO
Stephanie Lim World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Environmental NGO
Johan Verburg Rabobank Bank / Financial Institution
Rob Nicholls PT Musim Mas Processor & Trader

Alternate Members



Membership Sector

Achmad Adithya


Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Rukaiyah Rafiq Setara Jambi Smallholder (Indonesia)
Sharyn Shufyian Wild Asia Smallholder (Malaysia)
Charles Manasseh Sackey TOPP Smallholder (Africa)
Romain Deveza World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Environmental NGO
Yunita Widiastuti Cargill Processor & Trader
Yusi Rosalina Sampoerna Agro Oil Palm Grower (Indonesia)


Name Designation
(Vacant) -

Terms of Reference and Meeting Minutes

The Smallholder Strategy aims to make the RSPO system more inclusive for smallholders. The SHSC is therefore charged to achieve the three main objectives of the Smallholder Strategy, namely improving smallholders’ livelihoods, increasing the number of smallholders within the RSPO system, and increasing support for smallholder inclusion into the RSPO system.

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