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Shared Responsibility Task Force

All RSPO members share the responsibility for achieving the vision of transforming markets to make sustainable palm oil the norm.  There is a need to define more explicitly what this means in terms of accountability; to each other, and to all stakeholders who support RSPO.  Members have different roles in contributing to the shared vision of market transformation. During the recent Principles and Criteria (P&C) review process, the mechanism of accountability was discussed and explored, with wide agreement on the concept of shared responsibility.  

While the P&C is applicable to the production of sustainable palm oil, the RSPO Code of Conduct for Members, clause 3.2, applicable to all members, requires: “Members to whom the P&C do not apply directly will implement parallel standards relevant to their own organisation, which cannot be lower than those set out in the P&C.”

It was agreed that a transparent process would need to be established.  As such, the proposed process and Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Shared Responsibility Taskforce (SRTF) was submitted to the Board of Governors and subsequently endorsed in September 2018.

RSPO Shared Responsibility Task Force Project Team

RSPO Liason/Project Coordinator:

Oi Soo Chin, Impacts and Evaluation Director

Technical Facilitators:

Bilge Daldeniz, Proforest

Aimee Russillo, LiSeed Consulting

Task Force Members

Sectors   Seats Substantive Alternate
Growers Malaysia 2

 Alagendran M.

Sime Darby, Indonesia

Eza Nurain Abdullah

Sime Darby, Malaysia

Lee Kuan Yee

KLK, Malaysia

Gwendelynne Bulan Tanil

Genting, Malaysia

Indonesia 2

Lim Sian Choo

Bumitama/IGC, Indonesia

Rudy Prasetya

PT TAP/IGC, Indonesia

Rukaiyah Rafiq

Setara Jambi, Indonesia



Rest of the world 2

Florent Robert

SIAT, Ghana



Tulio Dias, Agropalma  
Processors & Traders   1

Nepomuk Wahl

Olenex, Netherlands

Roch Bollou

Agrivar, Côte d'Ivoire

Retailer   1

Naoko Sakuma

AEON, Japan

Yumie Kawashima

AEON, Japan

Consumer Goods Manufacturer   1

Natasha Schwarzbach

PepsiCo, UK

Banks & Investors   1

Ghislaine Nadaud

ABNAMBRO, Singapore

Lee JT

Credit Suisse, Singapore

ENGO   1

Jenny Walther‐Thoss

WWF, Germany

Andika Putraditama

WRI, Indonesia

SNGO   1

James Whitehead


Total   12